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“Probiomilk” – candies are tasty candies that contain 3 types of useful bacteria (bifidus-, lacto- and acidophilic bacteria) and components-prebiotics, dietary fibers and lactulose, which help in prevention of disbacteriosis and strengthen immunity by improving digestive functions. these candies do not contain coloring agents and saccharose so they do not provoke caries development & various manifestations of diathesis.
Can be given to children above 3 years also.


Do not contain Sugar.

PROBIOMILK are tasty candies that contain three types of useful bacteria-Bifidus, Lactobacilli and Acidophillic bacteria and components prebiotics, dietary fibers and lactulose.

The unique innovative technological solution patented by company Art life has permitted to solve the problem of useful bacteria delivery to the destination without loss of active properties.

Candies Probiomilk can be recommended even to children above the age of 3 years for prevention of dysbacteriosis(dysbiosis) and strengthening immunity. Candies Probiomilk do not contain coloring agents and saccharose, so they do not provoke caries development and various manifestations of diathesis.

Ingredients: vegetable milk powder, maltodextrin, dry biomass of lactic bacteria, dry mass of acidophilic bacteria, dry biomass of bifidus bacteria, calcium phosphate, lactulose, gum arabic, flavoring agent, sweetener sucralose. Contents of probiotic cultures by the end of the shelf life period: 105 CFC/g minimum.



Nutrition value 100gm 4 sweets % of daily needs
Proteins 1.5 0.072
Fats 22.59 1.08
Carbohydrates 61.2 2.93
Lactulose 1.92 0.092 5
Dissolvable food fibers 1.92 0.09210 5
Probiotic cultures 10 7 CFU 4.8*10 5 CFU 100
Energy value 454 kcal 22kcal

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