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‘Memory rise’ is recommended as a dietary supplement, an additional source of vitamins of group B, flavonoids, ginkgolides etc. which provide nourishment to brain tissues and thus improve mental performance and well-being.

Dosage (Adults):- 1 pill 2 times per day during meals.


Complex for nourishment of brain tissues.

Memory is our ability to encode, store, retain and subsequently recall information and past experiences in the Human brain.

Memory rise is recommended as a Dietary-supplement, an additional source of Vitamins of group B, flavonoids, ginkgolides; which provide nourishment to brain tissues and thus improve mental performance and well-being.

The complex ingredients ensure nourishing support of neural cells and help to prevent hypoxia of neural tissues. The vegetative extracts and bioactive elements included into the complex, support natural balance of nutrients required for the neural tissues in any condition. Active substances of Gotu-cola, ginseng and guarana have tonic effect on the organism and Glutamic acid takes part in the regulation of formation of nerve impulses and supply energy to the neural cells. Gamma-amino-butyric acid and motherwort protect neural tissues from over-excitation that impedes intensive brain-functioning. Vegetable components of biocomplex like extract of ginkgo biloba, fetus of chestnut and hawthorn, serve for regulation of micro-circulation and protect against the development of stagnant phenomena in the basin of brain arteries and veins and also prevent increase of arterial pressure. Complex of nourishing elements including inositol, Vitamins of group B, enzymes and amino acids stabilize the energy-exchange , support the reserves of plastic material for the restoration of neural cell membranes and and allow the preservation of their high activity levels as well as carry out the regulation of molecular processes that form the basis of memory and attention.The ingredients of Memory rise thus provide perfect support for the active performance of brain for people of any age and are efficient both during reduction of intellectual processes owing to old-age and also for prevention of over-fatigue due to high informational overload during periods of intensive studies in younger generation.



Instructions for use (dosage):  Adults should take 1 pill 2 times per day during meals. Intake duration is 2-3weeks.



Contraindications:- Intolerance to product ingredients, phenylketonuria.

The product discussed herein is not a Medicine. Kindly consult a Doctor if you are experiencing a Medical problem.


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