Burdok-C is recommended as a dietary supplement, an additional source of vitamin C, arbutin etc. which help in normalization of all metabolic processes in the body and thereby promoting proper distribution of nutrients throughout the body and elimination of waste products as well.

Dosage (Adults):- 1 tablet 2 times a day at mealtimes.
90 Tablets packing available



Complex for the normalization of all metabolic processes

Health of a person is defined by a complex of biochemical reactions. A part of these reactions carries out the synthesis of bio-molecules necessary for the person (reaction of a plastic exchange) and a greater part of  the reactions is responsible for proper delivery of energy to the fabrics of an organism. Their physiological balance also results in a proper metabolism. As a result of proper reactions of metabolism, there is a distribution of nutritious molecules and energy to the body as well as removal of waste products. In the normalization of the metabolic processes lies the basis of complete health and perfect visual appeal.

Burdock-C is recommended as a dietary supplement , an extra source of vitamin C, arbutin which help in normalization of all metabolic processes thereby promoting general health and well-being.


The basis of the complex is an extract of burdock root, which produces a diuretic, diaphoretic, mild analgesic and choleretic effect, stimulates the formation of several pancreatic enzymes, is a mild laxative and has a positive effect on the skin. Active ingredients of burdock root have an anti-allergic, anti-microbial, antiseptic and disinfectant action, eliminate itching, have anti-diabetic action, improve blood composition, increase hair growth and prevent the formation of stones and salt-deposits. A wide range of benefits from the biological activity of burdock root is reinforced by the inclusion of bioactive complex cranberries and ascorbic acid. Leaves of cranberries are effective in inflammatory diseases of kidneys and bladder, kidney stones, gout and as a binder in diarrhea of infectious nature. Ascorbic acid reduces the permeability and fragility of capillary walls, enhances the body’s ability to form antibodies that prevent development of infections. Particularly high efficiency of the ingredients of this complex is seen during violation of water-salt and mineral metabolism.

Content of 1 tablet (0.5g)- Common burdock root extract-156 mg, red bilberry ordinary leaf-50 mg, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)-25 mg.


Instructions for use (dosage): Adults  should take 1 tablet 2 times a day at mealtimes. Duration of one course is 2-3 weeks.


Intake of recommended dosage (2 tablets) provides the supply of: Vitamin C-50 mg – 70%; Arbutin – 8 mg – 100% of the daily norm.


Contraindications:- Intolerance to product ingredients.


The product discussed herein is not a Medicine. Kindly consult a Doctor if you are experiencing a Medical problem.


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